Dear Punit,

I feel your pain and I am sorry — I mean it; there is no trailing but. I think there is a lot of misguided anger towards the wrong parts of your product from your customers.

I am a long time customer and I love the convenience you bring in. I also have had my own set of pissed off moments. While I could have taken to the streets (fb,twitter and likes) many times over I never did. This probably is because I am an entrepreneur and more often than not I start sympathising with the business. Especially when there are alternate explanations possible.

Recently however I did put out a snippet with a picture — I was more amused at the software algorithm bug.

Dear Flipkart, when I bought my microwave from you (2 weeks back?) I was hoping that it will work for a while. Nothing happened -but your push advertisements are making me nervous! Sort of like your big brother Amazon who still believes that I collect baby diapers since I bought it from them in 2007!

I hope someone since took a note and tweaked your predictive algorithm.

I was pissed once — when your delivery guy (I know it is not ‘your’ delivery guy) was arrogant. Extremely arrogant. Though I knew he was just an outsourced delivery sub contractor I wanted to direct my anger right at Bansals and Flipkart. Luckily I got extremely busy for the rest of the day and next morning was a different day!

My point is, your systems beyond the software is some what broken and there is no effort to solve it. What about taking a digital satisfaction star rating on delivery? That is a real point of truth where customer WILL give you a piece of his mind — good or bad.

Also, different return and restocking policies across products! Man! Now I look at exactly who the seller is. I know it is no longer ‘Flipkart’. I start considering buying local because the pains will be lesser and I am ready to pay 10% more for it. You guys should think of how to make the terms simpler and transparent to your users.

Third: Don’t be evil. Not temporarily. Not ever. Good call on the Net Neutrality mud hole.

All the best

Boni Gopalan

bonigv-at-gmail-dot-com on Flipkart.

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