The Mongo DB Atlas cloud now supports triggers. These triggers come in two flavors — scheduled and database ops linked. Scheduled one runs at its own periodicity , eg. every 5 minutes. The “Database” type watches for events on collections — ‘INSERT’, ‘UPDATE’, ‘REPLACE’ and ‘DELETE’. When an event occurs, a configured Java Script function is called with “ChangeEvent” as parameter. This function can do anything it wants — including calling the Queen. I was only interested in keeping my materialized view updated. Let me tell you how.

MongoDB now has materialized views.

Recently we hit a performance problem with some reports. All of them…

Have you ever tried to sell to a cold caller?

For the last couple of weeks we have been interviewing people to join WalkInto engineering team. In the past we had great success with HasJob. It is a startup run by Kiran Jonnalagadda and team. I knew him personally for many years. That aside the simplicity of the platform and quality of applications we got through it helped to keep the trust. So, right away we fired off a posting.

What can WalkInto do? Whatever you want WalkInto to do for you. For starters,

About 30 minutes after the post…

WalkInto Custom domains are not cheap. On WalkInto pricing tables these are at the top starting at $600 a year. Only 42 / 4500 WalkInto users are using it. Some of our customers use Custom eldomain to obfuscate WalkInto.

Enough to say it is an investment our users think twice about.

Let us analyze it and try to answer the question :

Is it worth it?

TLDR; It depends!

wtf! ##@***!.

I don’t blame you for that reaction. It can’t get more weasely than a stupid “In depends” answer. Stay with me on this, will you?

What gives Custom Domain?

In Virtual Tour Business, the primary…

We are putting together last touches for the commercial tools you will need to use WalkInto in a PAID mode. This note is to give you a heads up on what to expect.

  1. Products, Plans and Pricing will be announced by Dec 15th, 2015. (There is NO unexpected price change from the USD 30 / year / tour hosting plan retail rate.)
  2. There will be 4 products — Hosting Plans, White Label Domain, Pano Connector and Extra Upload Space.
  3. You can purchase these as time bound subscriptions using a credit card. We are using the very secure PCI compliant Stripe…

Excited to announce the WalkInto training schedule for October 2015. This will be delivered as live video training through fourteen 30 minute Google Hangout On Air sessions. These videos will be available for later viewing on our YouTube channel .

All sessions will start at 7AM EST and will last 30 minutes (with a 10 minutes Q&A). Confirm time in your Local timezone.


A few hours back we released a new Desktop image processor software “WalkInto Tiler”. It is written in pure Java and is tested on Windows, Mac and Linux. It will work on every platform that supports Java. It is available for download from PanoHost right now.

Accept changes are constant and see challenges are opportunities to discover your true self.

August 2015 brought changes to the Google Panorama ecosystem. From Google’s perspective changes were all good. It moved to consolidate, simplify and usher in new technology.

WalkInto discussed these changes two weeks before it got implemented.

Unfortunately a large portion of it’s users had a different viewpoint. The reason was that in one swift stroke Google reduced their income levels and required them to travel through times of uncertainties and discover how to adapt and create new revenue channels to pay bills.

Through this set of changes Google failed a lot of its devout users. Google also failed itself because…

Impending Changes to Google Streetview has created uncertainties around using images not approved for publishing to Google Maps — especially for Real Estate projects. WalkInto has been hinting about a solution but we did not commit to anything concrete — till now. We are announcing our plan today.

In the spirit of complete transparency of path ahead we are sharing our engineering road-map for self hosted panorama. Using this feature you will be able to include self hosted equirectangular panorama in WalkInto latest from October 2015. These scenes will work alongside Streetview Images with full current and future feature support.

Sep 30th 2015.



Technique for creating an animated GIF with GIMP is very simple and straight forward. You create different images in your animation. Import them into GIMP as layers. Setup the sequence. Specify the lag between each frame and then export it out as an animated GIF.

Create images for animation

Took the WalkInto Logo and used eraser tool from GIMP to create 9 files each with one letter less.

Google just announced major changes in its Streetview Trusted Program. These changes will create new business opportunities for photographers from all parts of the world. If you are interested to build a business around Panoramic Photography it is important that you understand these developments and plan to take full advantage of them.

Important Changes

  1. New One-click Spherical Camera and an open API that has made the workflow of creating and publishing extremely fast. (Lower quality, Lower Cost, Faster Process)
  2. No geographic restrictions on where you can operate (More opportunity).
  3. Less restrictions on what type of businesses can be published (More opportunity)
  4. Easier…

Boni Gopalan

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